Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning

All windows and glass are cleaned by hand.  We don’t pressure wash or use hoses to clean your windows.  Inside cleaning is  done from inside, outside cleaning is done from outside (unless the situation warrants the necessity to clean from inside)  Window sashes are opened only where necessary to facilitate access for cleaning/ removing grids/ removing storms and screens, etc. Otherwise, windows remain closed during the cleaning process.

  • Outside of Skylights 
  • Most skylights can be accessed for exterior cleaning. Cleaning the interior of skylights will be assessed individually and quoted upon request.

Interior French doors and interior glass or mirrored walls - quoted upon request.

Chandeliers and Light Fixtures, Interior or Exterior

Want to impress dinner guests, brighten up a center hall, or just improve your curb appeal?  Let us know which light fixtures to include with your window cleaning service to add a sparkling final touch all around your home. We specialize in hard to reach light fixtures and delicate chandeliers. 

Pressure Washing Services are Available for Patios, Walkways, and Siding

Dirt and grime on walkways and outdoor steps can become slippery and dangerous. Keep your family and guests safe with a professional pressure wash by Estate Window Cleaning. We service decks, walkways, siding, and pool areas using our commercial grade equipment and our own trusted, skilled employees.  

Screen Repair - Window and Door Screens

Ripped screens not only let the insects in, they are unsightly and detract from the beauty of your home.  But no one enjoys removing frames and driving to the hardware store only to have to wait weeks to return to pick them up after the repairs are completed.  We can replace most screens on-site during your window cleaning service or when necessary, take your frames off-site for repair and return to re-install them for your convenience.  You should also consider replacing old aluminum or metal screening which over time affect the clarity of your windows.  We use fiberglass screening material for durability and a cleaner look. Let us know of any screens you would like quoted when we come out to quote for your window cleaning. 


Our cleaning solution is made by Zep - a company with a long history and an excellent reputation in the cleaning industry. The solution is phosphate and ammonia free and leaves what we think- is a noticeably better shine than other products.  We also add a lubricant additive or “wetting agent” which keeps the squeegee rubber running smoothly, extends squeegee rubber life, and reduces what we call squeegee “chatter”. As an added bonus, because of the excellent “sheeting” action of our solution, you don’t have to be concerned if it rains during your cleaning - you will enjoy clean and spot free windows for many months!

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